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Comment to be added... [Jan. 1st, 2010|12:00 am]
~i-don't-care daughter☆ ~
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okay, dudes, this journal is friends only and before you'll add me read below, please...

~ i luv slash, yaoi, fanfiction and all that gay-staff.
so no gomophobes in my journal

~ i post tonns of pics of myself and my friends, so if you are not interested - fuck off.

~ i luv japanese music, punk and glam-rock. if you are not interested - fuck off again.

~ i do friends-cut all the times - so if you are not going to comment me - you know what to do.

~ and last point - as you see, i write ONLY in english, my grammar sucks, my vocabulary is lame and i write a lot of crap.
you know already that if you are not interested - just fuck off, yeah??xD

~ and please, no adding without commenting here.

thanks for attention. have a nice day!!
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